5 Best iPhone Apps to Improve Your Photography

5 Best iPhone Apps to Improve your photography - PhotoLight

We know our phones are pretty awesome at taking and editing photos but in addition to having the right gear like a lightbox, tripod and smartphone there are some apps that can help get you to the next level.

Here are our 5 highly recommended apps to help with your photography. Some apps have in-app camera enabling you to work directly out of the app, others are best for photo editing.


Obscura Camera! 

Platform:  IOS             Price:   $7.99   Best for:  Photo Shooting

 App Store:  Obscura Camera

Obscura Camera manages to condense all of the most intricate photo features iOS has to offer into a single, minimal package. It supports a specialized RAW capture mode, as well as HEIC, JPEG, Live Photo, and Depth capture modes. It also offers a grid overlay, flash control, and every manual control imaginable. One of the apps best features, however, is the haptics and gesture control that makes the app literally feel great to use too. The gestures can also be personalised to your tastes.


Camera+ 2

Platform:  IOS             Price:   $7.99   Best for photo shooting and editing

App Store:  Camera+ 2

Camera+ built a reputation as one of the best alternative camera apps for iPhone users, and Camera 2+ builds on that with a host of features and a single one-off price. Camera+ 2 offers raw shooting and editing, depth control, manual adjustments, subject tracking, slow shutter speeds and focus peaking.


Camera+ 2 also offers editing adjustments and filters, with support regular JPEGs and the newer HEIF format. Camera+ 2 leans more towards shooting controls than editing, and it's best for those who find the default iOS camera app doesn't do everything they need. If you're a Lightroom user, you'll probably be better off with the Lightroom Mobile app; if not, Camera+ is a great camera app at a low one-off price.



Platform:  IOS             Price:   Free    Best for: Photo Editing

App Store: VSCO

VSCO’s killer selling point is in its collection of preset filters, which provide a range of film-esque stylistic looks that are pleasingly subtle and not too overbearing. Each of these filters can be fine-tuned with adjustments to brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Users have a selection of free presets to choose from, with more available from the store if you’re willing to shell out a few pounds for them. 


There is also a VSCO community where users can share their images, though it’s small potatoes compared to Instagram. VSCO is free to download, and is well worth trying out if you’d like to freshen up your mobile photography. 



Platform:  IOS and Android    Price:   Free    Best for:  Photo Editing

App Store:  Snapseed

Google Snapseed is a photo effects and editing tool that can synchronise with Google Photos, but will also work with Apple Photos on iOS devices. There is no subscription charge and there are no in-app purchase. Snapseed has an unusual interfaced based on filters which can be used individually or combined. It looks initially like a simple image effects creator, but actually has regular and powerful image enhancement tools too.

There are no fewer than 29 different tools and filters that offer everything from curves, white balance and perspective correction to selective enhancements, healing, grainy film and vintage effects, portrait enhancement, frames and double exposures. You can use these filters individually or combine them to create your own custom ‘looks’ which you can save for re-use.

The deeper you dig into Snapseed’s filters and options, the more potential you discover. You can use it to add instant impact for your instagram feed, or to create carefully crafted black and white fine art. It’s extremely effective at regular photo enhancements and fixes, even without applying any special effects.



Platform:  IOS and Android    Price:   $2.99   Best for:  Photo Editing

App Store:  TouchRetouch

While a fair few photo apps offer the ability to remove unwanted objects and blemishes from your images, TouchRetouch is specifically dedicated to it, and unsurprisingly does it the best.

Simply highlight the object you want to remove, and then the app will remove it, intelligently replacing it to blend into the background. If the object you’re removing is a complex one, it may take a little more finesse, but the more you play with the app, the easier you’ll find it to use.


Wrap Up

We all know that photography can be a challenge but there are tools and apps that can help capture that perfect image.  If you buy a lightbox, invest in an app and put some time into learning the basics you will be taking amazing photos before you know it.

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