Discover the 4 Key Elements to Photography

Discover the 4 key elements to photography - PhotoLight

We regularly get asked if a LED Lightbox takes good photos. Well actually the Lightbox doesn’t take any photos at all. The lightbox provides balanced light so that the camera or smartphone can take an amazing photo. With a Lightbox that has adjustable LED lighting the resulting photos are superior to trying to take the shot with poor lighting.

However, there is more to a good photo that just good lighting.  There are basically four key elements found in good photography. These are lighting, hardware, software and of course the user/photographer.

#1 The Lighting!

Light is often the hardest component to get right, but it is the number 1 factor in photography for both amateurs and pro’s alike. Ask any professional photographer and they will all tell you correct light is critical to the desired result.

When taking close up photos indoors of food or a product use artificial lighting to avoid the bluey-grey background. 


When taking photos for online ecommerce the standard is crisp white background.  If you taking a photo indoors without artificial light you will not achieve this result (it will be bluey-grey).  If you invest in some lighting or buy a lightbox this will produce a visually superior image. 

#2 The Hardware

Having the good camera is important, be it a DSLR, digital point-and-shoot or probably the most popular the smart phone, having a quality device to capture your shot does matter. While DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras are still the staple for professional and amateur photographers alike, smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung have made significant inroads to camera market with continual advancements in technology.

iPhone 11Pro Triple 12MP Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto takes great photos 


The quality of hardware is a key component to quality results but for most of us the iPhone or similar is the goto device of choice. The quality from these devices in 2020  is amazing, if you know how to use them. If you are looking a upskill and have limited time and budget check out these quick tutorials on YouTube here.

#3 The Software

On a smart phone, this software is embedded in the camera app. There are additional apps available; way to many to list but are few of our favorites in the Apple store to check out:

Software can also be found on modern digital and DSLR cameras within the auto-modes and manual settings. It is all controlled by buttons, switches and touch screens. The internal software is specifically designed to provide more control over the desired photo results, if you are not sure how to get the most out of your camera take a course it will be worth your while.

Also consider editing applications like Photoshop another essential type of software. Cloud apps like Canva are amazing at tweaking your images and most features are free. 

Keep in mind that editing photos is time consuming and a real pain, as discussed in our first blogshoot for the edit. If you have not read it yet check it out here.

#4 The User

The user or, more specifically, the knowledge of the user is the fourth key element in producing amazing images. It is your expertise in whatever format you choose that can possibly make all the difference in your photography. Understanding the other key elements and educating yourself will result in visual wow! The challenge is to learn this stuff, master it, and enjoy the journey of taking great photos for whatever purpose.

With a good camera, lighting, and a bit of practice you can take great photos


Our lightbox’s are intended to work with each of these elements to improve your photography. They do an amazing job at providing a the lighting environment that can be used with any camera or smartphone, and maximizes what software can do while minimizing the amount of actual post-editing required. Remember, shoot for the edit!

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