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25cm Photo Light Box for Product Photography + 12 Colour Backdrops

25cm Photo Light Box for Product Photography + 12 Colour Backdrops

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25x25x25cm Photography Studio Light Box Perfect for Small Product Photography

A must-have tool for small photography enthusiasts, artisans, online sellers, and professionals. This portable lightbox studio is designed to effortlessly capture stunning images of small items like jewellery, accessories, toys, cosmetics, watches, small gadgets, and more.

With its innovative design, this photography lightbox allows you to set up a professional studio in just three seconds. Simply unfold the LED lightbox and place it on any surface to create the perfect backdrop for your product photography. Its compact and portable folding design + carry bag makes it easy to install and carry, so you can capture amazing shots wherever you go.

With a front and top shooting hole, you can capture multiple angled shots effortlessly. Experiment with different perspectives to showcase every detail of your product from the perfect angle.

The built-in LED lights provide uniform lighting that eliminates shadows and reflections, ensuring your product photos are clear and vibrant. Equipped with 96 high-display lamp beads, this photo light box offers precise control over brightness levels with its 10-gear dimming adjustment. You can easily customise the lighting to achieve the perfect ambience for your product shots.

Uninterrupted, flicker-free lighting ensures consistent brightness and colour accuracy across all product shots. With our advanced lighting technology, say goodbye to the disruptive effects of strobe lights such as harsh shadows, uneven exposure, and color temperature variations.

Included in the package are 12 colour backgrounds that allow you to add variety and creativity to your product photography. From classic black and white to vibrant red and blue, these backgrounds provide endless possibilities for showcasing your items in different settings.

Elevate your product images with this versatile lightbox studio and watch your online presence soar.

• Number of LED lamp beads: 96pcs
• LED lamp bead model: 2835
• LED lamp bead brightness: 24-26LM
• Colour temperature: 5500K
• Dimming range: 1-100%
• Dimming gear: 10-gear adjustment
• CRI: ≥ 97
• Power: 1-10W
• Voltage: 5V
• Ring light size: 200mm diameter
• Power supply: USB
• Cable length: 2m

Package List:
• Main Light Box including Ring Light, 2m USB Power Cable, and 10-Gear Brightness Dimmer
• Colour Backdrops x 6 (reversible - black/white, grey/gold, yellow/orange, red/pink, blue/purple, green/brown)
• Soft Cloth x 1
• Carry Case x 1

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