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2x2m Photo/Video Studio Backdrop Support System + 3 x Colour Fabric Backdrops

2x2m Photo/Video Studio Backdrop Support System + 3 x Colour Fabric Backdrops

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Great For Large Shoots.  Photo Studio 2X2M Backdrop Support System With 1.6X2M Fabric Backdrop (Red, Blue, Green) For Product Photography and Video Shooting.


Background Support System: The background stand is adjustable up to 6.5 feet tall by 6.5 feet wide. Made from aluminum alloy with a professional black stain finish.
Background: Fabric. Finished along all edges to prevent tears. It is perfect for television, video production and digital photography.
Background Clips: It is perfect to hang backdrop or something you need onto a support system with good and sturdy grip.
Carry Bag: Carrying bag in custom design for background support kit and photography accessories.

1.Professional lightweight support metal construction ensures durability & portability. 
2.Adjustable height up to 200cm, you can set good position which you need. 
3.Snap on the sectional crossbars, twist the ergonomic knob on tripod to set the height and lock it, which can be easily installed without tools and within minutes. 
4.Detachable crossbars and foldable tripods, which can be easily packed a carrying bag for convenient transportation. 
5.Backdrop support stand system for live stream, video shooting, as well as for wedding, party, baby shower, events.

Package List:
1. Cross bars x 3 
2. Red 1.6x2m Fabric Backdrop x 1 
3. Blue 1.6x2m Fabric Backdrop x 1 
4. Green 1.6x2m Fabric Backdrop x 1 
5. Backdrop Clips x 3 
6. Backdrop Support Stand x 2 
7. Carry Bag x 1

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